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Indonesian Independence Day Quotes :

1) Great nation is a nation that respects the services of the hero.

2) If I want to become a great nation, wants to be a nation that has the will to work, it is also necessary to have” imagination!

3) Strong as a united, united as strong.

4) Hang your ambition as high as the sky.

5) A thousand parents could only dream of, a young person can change the world.

6) Independence is only obtained and owned by the soul of the nation ablaze with determination ‘Freedom, freedom or death.

7) Our country is rich, rich, rich, brothers. spirited great, imagination. Dig up! Working! Dig up! Working! Ours is one of the most beautiful country in the world.

8) It’s one God only gives life to me, no humans have lived two or three lives. But I will give them life, insya Allah Subhanahuwata’ala, one hundred percent to the development of the country and nation.

9) If someone is still inside there is a sense of shame and fear to do something good, it is a guarantee for the individual is not going to meet with a single step of progress

10) What is Ratu Adil (the Messiah) ? The definition of ideology Messiah is social rechtvaardigheid. People want peace. People who had felt themselves less eat less clothing, creating a new world in which there is justice, under the leadership of Ratu Adil.

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